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Hello dear readers,

How are you? Today is a national holiday in Portugal so instead of going to the office I got to go to the beach. On normal circumstances I would say that is a preferable option, but it was just as painful because there were literally millions of people at the beach today. I ended up staying for about an hour and read a little but I confess the highlight of my day was seeing A Lady’s Reputation plot on Friends screenshots! Have you ever seen anything like that? This is probably the most creative guest post I have ever hosted and I am very honored that Amy D’Orazio created it for From Pemberley to Milton. Oh, yeah, did I failed to mention that today’s post is part of the Blog Tour for A Lady’s Reputation? It is in fact the last stop in the tour and I’m sure you’ll find this stop worth it 🙂 Enjoy!



Darcy doesn’t actually propose but a bunch of gossip goes around saying that he did.

And Elizabeth doesn’t care. She’s not marrying him, no matter what

But then Lord Saye and Colonel Fitzwilliam convince Darcy to find a way to get her to Pemberley for the summer

And Elizabeth decides to give it a shot

There’s some dancing

And people play games

Of course, its never smooth sailing… someone always comes along to throw a wrench in things

But in the end everything works out

“Mr. Darcy, I am eager to hear your explanation for the fact that quite a few people believe we are engaged.”

It starts with a bit of well-meant advice. Colonel Fitzwilliam suggests to his cousin Darcy that, before he proposes to Elizabeth Bennet in Kent, perhaps he ought to discuss his plans with their families first.

What neither man could have predicted however was that Lord Matlock would write the news to his sister or Viscount Saye would overhear, and tell his friends, or that his friends might slip a little and let their friends know as well. The news spreads just as quickly through Hertfordshire once Mrs Bennet opens the express Mr Bennet receives from Mr Darcy, and in a matter of days, it seems like everyone knows that Mr Darcy has proposed marriage to Elizabeth Bennet.

Everyone, that is, except Elizabeth herself.

Her refusal is quick and definite—until matters of reputation, hers as well as Jane’s, are considered. Then Mr Darcy makes another offer: summer at Pemberley, so that Jane can be reunited with Mr Bingley and so that he can prove to Elizabeth he is not what she thinks of him. Falling in love with him is naturally impossible…but once she knows the man he truly is, will she be able to help herself?




You can find A Lady’s Reputation at:






Today is the last stop of Amy D’Orazio’s blog tour for A Lady’s Reputation, but you can still go back and read the other posts. Here is the schedule if you are interested 🙂


Amy D’Orazio is a long-time devotee of Jane Austen and fiction related to her characters. She began writing her own little stories to amuse herself during hours spent at sports practices and the like and soon discovered a passion for it. By far, however, the thing she loves most is the connections she has made with readers and other writers of Austenesque fiction.

Amy currently lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and daughters, as well as three Jack Russell terriers who often make appearances (in a human form) in her book.

Amy’s other releases include “A Short Period of Exquisite Felicity” and the “The Best Part of Love,” a Readers Choice Gold Medal Winner for 2017. She has also contributed short stories to “Dangerous to Know: Jane Austen’s Rakes & Gentlemen Rogues,” “Rational Creatures: Stirrings of Feminism in the Hearts of Jane Austen’s Fine Ladies” and “Yuletide: A Jane Austen-inspired Collection of Stories.”



You are encouraged to visit all the stops on the blog tour and comment. Quills & Quartos Publishing will be giving away one $50 Amazon gift card to one enthusiastic follower! You get one point for every blog stop you visit and leave a comment. Good luck!

Good Luck everyone!


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39 responses to “A Lady’s Reputation – Guest Post & Giveaway

  1. Maria Thomas

    Interesting premise


  2. Agnes

    Very funny post! Thanks for the giveaway. it has been a nice blog tour all around!


  3. evamedmonds

    I loved the connections to Friends! Thank you.


  4. Wonder who arrives at Pemberley to throw a wrench in things


  5. Patricia

    Great story. Tks for giveaway.


  6. This post really made me smile! I love the Friends references. Thanks for the fun blog tour 🙂


  7. Amy D'Orazio Author

    Rita thank you so much for having me and allowing me to indulge in a little silliness while I am here!


  8. Michelle H

    I’m so out of the loop, Rita. I didn’t know you lived in Portugal. The crowded beach sounds like a personal nightmare. Ick. What a funny post with the Friends screenshots, loved that show.

    Believe me when I say I already have been trying to carve out time really really soon to read this new book of Amy’s. But actually the screenshots thing above makes me want to dive right in, even more quickly. Maybe by the time I finish what I’m reading now, those images will leave my head. I really hope so. Ha! ;D


  9. Glynis

    😂🤣lol. I love Friends and I love this book but I would never have thought of this! Absolutely perfect! A great finale to the blog tour! Congratulations Amy for thinking of it and to Rita for hosting. (I’m sorry you didn’t get to enjoy your day on the beach Rita! I would say you should have come to Pemberley but even though it’s open they are still repairing parts and to be honest the weather here is pretty awful!)


  10. Sophia

    How original the Friends references! Thanks for the giveaway Amy.
    Rita, I live in Greece, I understand you completely about the crowded beaches!


  11. Enjoyed the screenshots. So funny. Loved the blog tour and all the excerpts that were shared. Sounds wonderful.


  12. Daniela Quadros

    I loved that!!! lol. Friends was one of my passions and I was absolutely addicted to it! I love it, it never gets old! It was a perfect combination and way to end this blog tour! 😉


  13. J. W. Garrett

    That was hilarious. 🤣 Thanks for sharing those with us.


  14. I adore this book. Already own it and highly recommend it! I love that Lord Matlock and Saye are the gossips, and Saye. SAYE! He’s one of the most hilarious OCs in the JAFF world.


  15. My copy of the book arrived in the mail this week…along with a few other must have paperbacks! I absolutely love the book cover (front and back) and look forward to reading it!


  16. KateB

    Lol, what a funny post. I’m looking forward to reading your new book Amy. Congratulations.


  17. Mary Preston

    I love the friends references.


  18. Dung

    I’m so sad the blog tour is coming to an end… but loved the “Friends” screenshot to accompany the story-line. Wishing a successful launch Amy. You are an amazing writer and I can’t wait to read the published version!


  19. Patricia Finnegan

    I loved the friends images used in this post!


  20. Leah Pruett

    This book was fabulous. I read it on KU and now I MUST have my own copy! Well done, Amy!!


  21. Hilarious! “Well, maybe I don’t need your money. ” I love your sense of humor!


  22. pedmisson

    I enjoyed this post. Very creative using Friends pictuees.


  23. Silvia

    Lol, so funny ! Amy this book sounds so lovely 😀


  24. Charlotte

    I’m really looking forward to reading your new book!!


  25. What a fun post, brings back good memories 😀 So enjoyed the blogtour!


  26. Hahaha… That’s very funny and original, Amy. I enjoyed myself following this tour.


  27. Buturot

    Nice strategy for FD. Enjoying the book tour and excerpts


  28. Seriously cute way to wrap up the blog tour. Thanks!!!


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