So This is Love by Laura Hile Review & Giveaway

So This is Love is a Pride and Prejudice variation that focuses on Charlotte Lucas, but if you think this will not be a romantic book, you are very mistaken as this is one of the most romantic books I’ve read this year!

After accepting Mr. Collins proposal, Charlotte is faced with the intimacies an engaged couple is entitled to, and one second is all the time it takes for her to realize that she is not able to go through a marriage of convenience after all. 

Charlotte Lucas is sent to her Aunt’s house, as far away from Meryton as possible, to let the rumours of her broken engagement with Mr. Collins die down, and after realizing her mistake, she is prepared to live a lonely life as a governess, or teacher, but what she was definitely not expecting, was to find a dashing captain who would show her that Elizabeth Bennet was right all along, and that love and respect is everything that matters in a marriage. 

So This is Love will mash up some characters of Pride and Prejudice, and Northanger Abbey, and I loved Mrs. Allen presence in this novel, she brought a touch of humour to the story that made it more appealing, but I confess the the original characters, namely Captain Jack Blunt, were the ones who stole my heart. From the moment this character saves Charlotte from highwayman, to the flirtatious conversations he has with her in Mrs. Allen’s house, to the beach walks they have in his property, and the encounters on the cave, Jack Blunt did not seize to amaze me with his charms. I fell completely in love with him. He is the perfect romantic hero, and what is best, is that he is nothing like Mr. Darcy, he charms readers because of his funny, flirtatious and strong character, not because he resembles someone else. I couldn’t get enough of this character, everything about him was perfect, even if he was not a perfect man, but he is truly irresistible and Charlotte is a very lucky lady.

The romance that Laura Hile developed between this couple was as intense as many I’ve seen portrayed between Darcy and Elizabeth. Not only their love story is interesting, but also their insecurities and especially their dialogues that kept me reading in hopes to have more of their banter. 

Another aspect I loved about this book was the setting! I would give everything to see Captain Blunt’s house! Laura Hile’s writing skills transported me right into Dorset with her wonderful descriptions of the cliffs, the beach, the cove and even the great house, which were all very fitting to the story and to Charlotte’s state of mind. 

All I can say is that a sequel of this book is something I will look forward to for a long time! I would love to see the Darcy’s visiting this wonderful place and getting along with the Blunt’s, and let’s face it, I want more of Jack Blunt! Have I mentioned how much I loved his character?

Summing up, So This is Love is a wonderful book full of romance, a bit of action and humour which presents readers with an unforgettable romantic hero. It has all the ingredients of a great novel that is unputdownable and I cannot recommend it enough! This romance is so good, you won’t even miss Darcy and Elizabeth, I know I didn’t. 

You can find So This is Love at:

and on Kindle Unlimited

Laura Hile is generously offering one ebook copy of So This is Love to my readers. Want to know why I fell for Jack Blunt? Comment on this post and let us know why you would like to read this book. We will randonly pick one of the comments and offer the ebook to the winner. The giveaway is open until the 6th of August and the winner will be announced shortly after.



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27 responses to “So This is Love by Laura Hile Review & Giveaway

  1. alexandrariverstories

    This book looked so promising from the start (from blurb, font used in the cover to the excerpt I had read) and, now, this review makes it all the more intriguing!
    Well done, ladies!
    As for the reason I want to read it?
    I want to see–in a scale 0-10– how much different Jack Blunt is from Mr. Collins.
    (evil emoticon needed here. A very evil emoticon indeed!)


  2. Pam Hunter

    I love to read stories where Charlotte, instead of settling for a loveless marriage, finds her own HEA. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book. I’d love to read it it!


  3. I’m really eager to read how his house is apart from knowing him!!
    I like when Charlotte has a different ending but I have never read a broken engagement!
    Lovely review, Rita!


  4. Luisa1111

    I can’t wait to read about Charlotte’s getting a real HEA with the romantic sounding Captain Blunt. Being sent away in disgrace from Meryton must have seemed a blessing compared to marrying Mr Collins. Thanks for the chance to win.


  5. Captain Blunt sounds like a fantastic character. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.


  6. Robin G.

    Wow, now I want to read about Captain Blunt too!


  7. Carol

    Sounds wonderful. I always hated that Charlotte settles for Collins. He was an awful person: personality, hygiene, manners. Yuck. The captain sounds like just what Charlotte needed.


  8. Rita, thank you for the lovely review.

    Another heart is lost to Captain Jack Blunt. You and me both!

    Will the winner of the eBook fall in love with him too? Well, of course! That’s why we read romance, right?


  9. Sophia Rose

    I love seeing your praise for the romance and the setting. Can’t wait for my turn.


  10. I you have given a great review of this book. I do like Charlotte, and never thought to read a whole book dedicated to her , but this sounds so good. Looking forward to reading this story. Thank you


  11. TC

    I like Charlotte to get a happier ending than I expect she would have with Mr. Collins. I’m also curious to know what Mr. Collins would do next, but maybe that’s not covered in this book? Either way, I’ve enjoyed other stories I’ve read by Laura Hile, so I’m looking forward to this one.


  12. Lois

    I want to read how Charlotte gives Collins the heave-ho!


  13. caroleincanada

    Lovely review, Rita! I look forward to reading the difference between Mr. Collins’ attempts ‘with the intimacies an engaged couple is entitled to,’ and Captain Blunt’s! Sounds like they go from cringe-worthy to swoon-worthy! Nothing like a ‘New Book Boyfriend’! Hmmm…Laura has done it again it appears…her dashing Patrick Gill in her ‘Mercy’ series was swoon-worthy too!


  14. KateB

    I love Charlotte stories where she is not tied to pompous and stupid Collins. And some romantic adventure with HEA sounds great to me.
    Congratulations on the release of your new book Laura. Thanks for a great review.


  15. Cristina Silva

    I would love to read this Charlotte story, because I always thought that she deserved so much more happiness. And Mr Collins……well,it’s Mr. Collins. Also, the crossing between two books seems really appealing. Congrats on the review!


  16. Wow that gave me the creeps (after you mentioned the initimacies between Mr C and CL). Anyway glad she has the mind to call it off before she regrets it. Now even more intrigued about the story…looking forward to reading a story I won’t miss ODC 😉


  17. Chelsea

    Thank you for sharing this giveaway here with us and telling us a bit about this book. Jack Blunt sounds like a lot of fun and I have added this book to my Goodreads TBR List. I haven’t really read many Charlotte based books but I also haven’t come across many about her either. Hope you are doing well and staying safe.


  18. Can’t wait to read this novel now that you have given us a little glance into it Thank you for the giveaway and hope all is well with you! Thanks once again and Good luck to all!


  19. Joan Rye

    I am looking forward to reading “So this is love”!


  20. authoramandakai

    I really want to read this!


  21. I love reading your thoughts on So This is Love, Rita. It made me wish to know Captain Jack Blunt better. I’m glad that Charlotte falls in love with him because she deserves someone who can make her happy.


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