A Wilful Misundertsanding by Amy D’Orazzio

A Wilful Misunderstanding is an addictive book that I could not put down until I reached the final page. 

In this story Mr. Darcy falls madly in love with Elizabeth when he meets her at Meryton and, despite his pride, he cannot imagine his life without her. He doesn’t make the tolerable remark, and is his most charming and irresistible version, making Elizabeth fall in love with him. Despite Mr. Bennet’s reluctance, he agrees to give his blessing and, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth get married shortly after having met. Their first months of marriage are pure joy and typical of a young and recently married couple, however, Darcy’s pride, insecurities and jealousy are constantly present and will make him commit the biggest mistake of his life. 

The reader will accompany these characters inner fears and feelings of loss and abandon for some time which generates a different type of angst. I admit I absolutely loved this twist in the angst because it felt more real and deep then the usual “miscommunication angst”.

Two years after Darcy’s decision, and Elizabeth’s reaction to it, they have become different people. Elizabeth has grown and become a more suspicious person, and Darcy has lost all his pride trying to become a humble husband wishing for forgiveness and a glimpse of the happiness he once had. These characters will need to find a way into happiness and readers will love to see all the efforts Darcy will make to conquer Elizabeth’s heart once more. He will be a devoted husband and father and his efforts cannot go unnoticed.

I had never seen a premise like this one and even if this is a variation, it was a breath of fresh air because I never knew what would happen next. I had no idea what to expect, and this, combined with a compelling writing style, made this book unputdownable. 

A Wilful Misunderstanding will show us many different phases in Darcy and Elizabeth’ s relationship, we see the initial attraction phase, the bliss of the first months of marriage, the trouble to come, the angst of the mistrust, the separation, the forced coexistence, the acceptance, the forgiveness and the falling in love. I cannot choose which phase I loved the most because they were all necessary to make the reader involved with the story and the characters. They all had something I cherished, even the ones where our characters were suffering, but I do know that with this diversity of phases in their relationship, there is always something for everyone’s tastes. 

Mr. Darcy will surprise most readers in this book because he does indeed go through many different phases, but the humbled Darcy will make you forget his past mistakes. He will become the perfect husband, and I absolutely loved his path to redemption in this book, it was perfect! I particularly loved to see how he welcomed Lydia Bennet into his house and how he helped her when she most needed. I loved the relationship they built together and how that made it possible for her to accept his advice. Lydia Bennet was my favourite secondary character in this book and I never like Lydia, so that says a lot. I loved her own story and how she grew to become such a practical lady. Caroline’s ending was also interesting, and even if I cannot say I loved her character, I did like to see what happened to her in the end.

A Wilful Misunderstanding is a very well written book that tackles issues of trust, abandonment, regret, and love that I recommend to all my readers. It was one of my favourites this year and I could not put it down.

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13 responses to “A Wilful Misundertsanding by Amy D’Orazzio

  1. Glynis

    A great review Rita! I’m still deciding when to read this book? I’m certain that I will love Amy’s Darcy! I’m also certain that Saye will help somehow in his own inimitable style? Interesting to see that you like Lydia’s character in this, I look forward to reading about that. It sounds like Caroline maybe doesn’t get the punishment she seems to deserve from bits I have read? Oh dear I do have to know what happens!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


    • Oh, Saye was another favourite Glynis!! About Caroline she certainly gets punishment, but I think her end is for the reader to decide. One can believe she found redemption and happiness, or not. I think Amy was very clever in the way she presented us with her faith. This books angst is quite different from anything I’ve read before Glynis, and even if the sorrow and regret are very deep, and at times we do not see how it will be possible for D&E to find happiness together, I do believe you will like it. I think you’ll love the very beginning and the second half of the book so much, you’ll be able to bear the angst in the middle 🙂


  2. sheilalmajczan

    I read and enjoyed this story, although I did want to strangle Darcy at times.


    • That happened to me too Sheila, especially in the beginning of the story, but towards the end I kind of wanted to slap Elizabeth too, because despite it being clearly Darcy’s fault, she did make a decision that also affected their fates. And at the end, I was already feeling sorry for Darcy. Poor man, he deserved his HEA in the end 🙂


  3. I agree, Rita! It is absolutely unputdownable!

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  4. Jen D

    Oh my gosh, I really need to get hold of this book! Thank you for posting this review.


  5. I enjoyed this book a lot. The second half, which focused on ODC’s reconciliation and journey to forgiveness, seemed so real. A friend who read this book who also happens to be a clinical psychologist also commented on its accurate depiction of healing in a marriage. I look forward to hearing the audiobook 😄


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