Pride and Pyramids by Amanda Grange

Pride and Pyramids is an exciting yet comforting Pride and Prejudice sequel released 8 years ago and that I should have read sooner.

The story begins 15 years after Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s wedding, and we are immediately privy to their happy marriage and extensive offspring. They have six children of different ages who captivate readers hearts for different reasons. The authors took the time to reveal to the reader all their personalities and incorporate them in a relevant manner into the narrative. I loved getting to know each one of them, but little Margaret, who has a bigger role in the story, was obviously my favourite.

The plot begins when the Darcy’s receive a visit from Edward Fitzwilliam, Colonel Fitzwilliam’s younger brother, who entices them with his enthusiasm to travel to Egypt, just as his father did in his youth. Elizabeth loves the idea of an adventure and convinces Darcy to make the trip of their lives taking the children with them. They invite Sophie Lucas, to whom Elizabeth wants to provide a good moment, and Paul Inkworthy, an artist in charge of producing paintings portraying the family’s adventures. But they will also be joined by an uninvited guest who will provide the reader many funny moments.

As the Darcy’s embark on an adventure neither of them will forget, we will see a completely different part of the word full of history and mystery. I loved travelling along with the Darcy’s and seeing this different place through their eyes. I would love to travel to Egypt as I am very curious about all its history and I believe a trip like this, 200 years ago, might have been something incredible. I was amazed with the authors’ ability to make me feel I was right there with the characters and to create an unequalled environment that provided a sense of wellbeing.

Pride and Pyramids doesn’t have one single focus, the story provides us with descriptions of incredible and exotic places, tackles family relationships with which the reader can relate to, explores a love triangle with new characters, has an exciting supernatural mystery and all the while without foregoing Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship. I cannot believe it could be more perfect than this. Both Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are older and I enjoyed witnessing between them a love that is steady and mature, and I even got very interested in the other romance in the book.

While reading this book I could feel it was written at a time when Jane Austen Fan Fiction literature wasn’t saturated yet because the plot is very different and innovative without falling in the exaggeration trap. It is a very balanced book with characters who are respectful of Austen’s prose yet new and fresh.

Pride and Pyramids is an exciting book with ancient curses, the pyramids, the Nile, a loving relationship between the Darcy’s and an exquisite writing. I could not recommend this book enough, plus every chapter of this book ends with a cliff hanger that forces the reader to continue reading, making it a page-turner novel.


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14 responses to “Pride and Pyramids by Amanda Grange

  1. sheilalmajczan

    I read and enjoyed this story some time ago.


  2. Sophia Rose

    I thought I’d read all Amanda Grange’s Austenesque and I missed this one. You definitely have me eager to pick it up.


  3. Glynis

    I haven’t seen this one! I’m very tempted as I’m fascinated by Ancient Egypt! I watch programmes about pyramids and tombs etc.
    I also love books which have Darcy and Elizabeth married, along with details of their children so am loving this idea!
    I’m definitely going to check this out!


    • Oh… you’ll love it Glynis! They are leading a happy married life and it is really interesting to see their mature relationship with this particular setting :)) I also love Ancient Egypt history, so this was a memorable book 🙂 And you’ll love their 6 children :))


  4. This one sounds pretty awesome! I love, love, love the premise! And I don’t always get excited about P&P sequels.


  5. sounds very intriguing



  6. J. W. Garrett

    Lovely review, Rita. I’ll have to check on this. Blessings, stay safe, and healthy.


  7. Lovely review! I have been to Egypt in 1999. It was the best trip that I have ever taken. Now, I think I need to read this book again.


  8. Jen D

    I will definitely try this one! 😀


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