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Good Afternoon everyone, 

I was perusing amazon today and saw there were several books on sale that I had not seen before, so I thought it would be helpful to put them all together in a list once more.

As you know, these are not all the books that are currently on sale, just the ones I could find on my search.

If you know of any other books on sale please do not hesitate to share them with us 🙂

Jane Austen Fan Fiction currently FREE

Bewildered – FREE

Book Blurb: 

While Elizabeth Darcy is suitably happy in her very fortunate marriage, she cannot help but feel as if something is missing.
When her husband comes to her with an interesting plea, she cannot help but be curious herself.
Bewildered is the first in a new series of intimate and sensual short stories by Grace Reeve. A sequel to Pride & Prejudice, the series will follow Elizabeth and Darcy as the newlyweds become acquainted with one other and learn how to be the sort of spouse the other deserves.

An Austen Masterpiece – FREE

Book Blurb:

An art major with a focus on graduation, a psychology major hoping to get into grad school, and the relationship that wasn’t in the cards.

Lily has a history of men leaving her life, just like her latest boyfriend, Wes, who took off to Florida with some girl he met at a club. When her roommate, Meg Austen, tries to set her up with the quiet guy from her psychology class, she’s not jumping at the chance.

Ben is waiting to hear back from master’s programs he’s applied to as he works through his last semester for his bachelor’s. He’s the typical nice guy, who gets set up by everyone back home. Now Meg wants him to date her roommate and they couldn’t be anymore opposite.

When he receives some acceptance letters to school outside of Boston and Lily gets the internship she always wanted, it seems their relationship can’t continue.

Can they get over their past fears and make it work?

Sincerity of Heart – FREE

Book Blurb:

SINCERITY OF HEART – A collection of modern Austen inspired short stories, themed around different holidays and seasons. Melissa Buell has taken her HOLIDAYS WITH JANE stories and compiled them into one anthology. Sweet, clean romance!

Jane Austen Fan Fiction on Sale for 0,99$


Writerly Ambitions: An Elizabeth and Darcy Story – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

In this story Mr. Bingley only takes Netherfield years after he did in the original novel. Mr. Darcy has spent these years determined to find the perfect wife, attending every ball at Season, and dancing every dance. But each girl he met lacked something. His friends don’t believe him anymore when he insists he wants to marry.
Elizabeth Bennet started writing novels after she was banished to London following an unfortunate incident. Her literary endeavours proved popular, and now she has a modest independent income, and a determination to never depend on anyone.
They become friends quickly when they meet at the assembly ball, Elizabeth is amused by Darcy’s arrogance, and he is kind to her and charmed by her charming and mischievous manner. But Mr. Darcy has a list of features a wife must have, and Elizabeth does not meet them. And for her part, Elizabeth is determined to never marry…
A romantic story with lots of laughs and a little angst

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth: Breathtaking – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

Elizabeth Bennet and her family remove to Brighton after her youngest sister receives an invitation to travel with the colonel of the militia and his wife. All seems well, but when Mr. Darcy unexpectedly arrives from Pemberley, he reveals that things in Brighton were not quite as they had seemed. Drawn to Mr. Darcy in their mutual quest to restore balance and safety to both their families, Elizabeth finds herself struggling to recognize the man who had insulted her in Hertfordshire and Kent. So much has changed—yet can she rely upon the change? And will he still love her and wish to marry her when he sees her family and its folly fully unleashed in Brighton?

The Tree on the Green – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

“I know what my behavior has been to you, but believe me when I say my wishes have never wavered.”

Love at first sight—it is what both Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy feel after meeting under an oak tree in Derbyshire in a set of highly unusual and precarious circumstances. Elizabeth’s usefulness to Mr. Darcy and his sister Georgiana recommend her to them both, while the manners of both brother and sister make Elizabeth highly interested in knowing them better. It seems a gift of providence, therefore, when Elizabeth finds Mr. Darcy among a party of visitors to her neighborhood in Hertfordshire two months hence. The couple feel an instant attraction to each other, raising expectations among their neighbors and friends of a mutual attachment.
However, Mr. Darcy soon discovers that there is more to Elizabeth than meets the eye. While he has no objections to her, he is astonished at the bad manners of her family and the lack of sense they often display. Feeling insecure and conflicted following the recent betrayal of an old friend, he feels unwilling to risk a connection with someone so unknown to him. A withdrawal of his attentions is the ultimate result.
Elizabeth, confused and irritated, wants to forget Mr. Darcy and move on. However, despite all his resolve, he cannot seem to stay away from her. Being found irresistible by a man like Mr. Darcy cannot fail to flatter her—but is such attention enough to prove he is truly worthy of her love and trust?

Tempt You to Accept Me – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

What if Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy decided to ignore the voices warning him of the dangers presented by a certain young lady? Would he be able to accept her relations whose condition in life was so decidedly beneath his own? This story begins after the Netherfield party returned to London. A clean Regency romance. (Darcy’s point of view.)

Barely Bethrothed to Mr. Darcy – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

Miss Elizabeth Bennet is pleased with the state of her life. She lives with her sister and her sister’s husband, Mr. and Mrs. Bingley, and she dotes on her niece and nephew. She doesn’t long for a husband or children of her own. To do so would only bring her misery.
Then news reaches them which tears Elizabeth’s contentment to shreds.
Mrs. Caroline Darcy is dead. She’s drowned herself.
Everyone has long observed the late Mrs. Darcy’s dissatisfaction with her loveless, childless marriage, so the news, while tragic, is not entirely surprising. Elizabeth knows that Caroline trapped her husband into marrying her by falsely accusing him of a compromise that never occurred. Of course, that truth has never mattered, nor has the fact that Mr. Darcy is still in love with Elizabeth and that she is in love with him.
Now, Mr. Darcy is free, but propriety dictates that he cannot remarry immediately. A quick marriage would court scandal and it would wound Caroline’s brother, Mr. Bingley, who is also Mr. Darcy’s dear friend. So, though Elizabeth knows that Mr. Darcy will be hers eventually, they cannot be officially engaged yet. Now, they must wait.
For these two who have waited so long for each other, the waiting will prove to be the hardest part.

An End to Estrangement – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

When Fitzwilliam Darcy travels to Hertfordshire with his friend, the last person he expects to see is Elizabeth Bennet, the young woman who broke his heart in London four years previously…
Book 1 in a fun new Pride and Prejudice variation series. Romance and Reconciliation what if Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet met long before the Meryton Assembly…?

One Minute More – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

“If I do my duty as a gentleman, I shall have to marry a woman who prefers you. How is this fair?”
It has been a miserable few weeks in Meryton. It was not enough that Fitzwilliam Darcy has had to tolerate the attentions of his best friend’s sister. Now he must deal with his cousin’s disastrous romantic alliance and his own unfortunate attraction to the intriguing and elusive Elizabeth Bennet.
Caroline Bingley’s life-changing mistake has landed her the wrong groom and a temporary exile to Longbourn. She packs her temper along with her gowns, ensuring no one is happy about their houseguest. Especially Elizabeth, who not only gives up her bedchamber to her adversary but becomes the focus of Caroline’s scheme to attach her to Mr Collins.
So much has happened in so little time. What can happen in one minute more?

Through a Different Lens – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

A tale of second glances and second chances
Elizabeth Bennet has disliked the aloof and arrogant Mr. Darcy since he insulted her at a village dance several months before. But an unexpected conversation and a startling turn of phrase suddenly causes her to reassess everything she thought she knew about the infuriating and humourless gentleman.
Elizabeth knows something of people who think differently. Her young cousin in London has always been different from his siblings and peers, and Lizzy sees something of this boy’s unusual traits in the stern gentleman from Derbyshire whose presence has plagued her for so long. She approaches him in friendship and the two begin a tentative association. But is Lizzy’s new understanding of Mr. Darcy accurate? Or was she right the first time? And will the unwelcome appearance of a nemesis from the past destroy any hopes they might have of happiness?
Warning: This variation of Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice depicts our hero as having a neurological difference. If you need your hero to be perfect, this might not be the book for you. But if you like adorable children, annoying birds, and wonderful dogs, and are open to a character who struggles to make his way in a world he does not quite comprehend, with a heroine who can see the man behind his challenges, and who celebrates his strengths while supporting his weaknesses, then read on! You, too, can learn what wonders can be found when we see the familiar through a different lens.

Dating Mr. Darcy – 0,99$

Book Blurb:

Pride and Prejudice meets The Bachelor in this laugh-out-loud rom com from USA Today bestselling author, Kate O’Keeffe
Is it a truth universally acknowledged, that a girl must compete on reality TV to win a modern-day Mr. Darcy’s heart?
Emma Brady is having doubts about how far she’ll go to promote her new activewear line. Sure, being on a reality show could be the big break her business so desperately needs, but is putting up with a Mr. Darcy wannabe worth it?
Sebastian Huntington-Ross is straight out of an Austen novel. But it’s hard to focus on his chiseled jaw, broad shoulders, and wickedly sexy accent when all Emma can see is his pride, arrogance, and smug demeanor.
Sparks fly when Emma realizes Sebastian has his own agenda for being on the show. Will Emma hold fast and keep the aristocratic Sebastian at arm’s length? Or will she put her reservations aside when the lines between reality and “reality show” start to blur?

Pemberley: Mr. Darcy’s Dragon – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a dragon.

Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley has the good fortune to be in possession of the first English firedrake egg laid in a century. Or, at least, he was until some miscreant stole it.
Mr. Darcy tracks the thief to Hertfordshire. Catching the thief, however, proves to be an entirely different kettle of brimstone, especially when he encounters fellow Dragon Keeper, Miss Elizabeth Bennet of Longbourn.
Elizabeth Bennet’s deep connection to dragons and remarkable grasp of their lore make her the ideal companion for finding the egg. It’s too bad that from their introduction she finds Darcy arrogant, conceited, and selfishly disdainful of the feelings
of others.
Time is running out for Darcy to win Elizabeth’s trust and recover the precious egg before it hatches, and the fragile peace between humans and dragons is lost forever.
Meryton meets Pern in a fantastical regency romp bound to delight readers of Jane Austen and Anne McCaffrey alike.
Book 1 in the Jane Austen’s Dragons series.

The Most Interesting Man in the World – 0,99$

Book Blurb: 

Charles Bingley is a man who relies on Darcy’s judgment in all things yet understands very little of it, at least when Darcy is speaking Greek to a horse who only understands Latin or staring at the quick-witted sister of his own angelic Jane Bennet. What was happening behind the scenes at Netherfield, Pemberley, and Darcy House, and just what did those men talk about over billiards and brandy? A generous, kind, and always hungry Bingley sheds a little light on keeping company with the most interesting man in the world, and shares his thoughts on puppies, his dreadful sisters, and the meaning of happiness.
This Pride and Prejudice variation contains scenes from the mind of Charles Bingley which are not found in Jane Austen’s original tale.

Jane Austen Fan Fiction on Sale for 1,99$

Mendacity & Mourning – 1,99$

Book Blurb: 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a gossip in possession of misheard tales and desirous of both a good wife and an eager audience need only descend upon the sitting rooms of a small country town in order to find satisfaction. And with a push from Lady Catherine, Mr. Collins sets alight a series of misunderstandings, rumours, and lies that create obstacles to a romance between Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet.
This slightly unhinged romantic comedy follows Darcy as he sets off to find himself a wife and instead finds himself pulled into the mire of his aunt’s machinations and his own fascination with Elizabeth, whom he believes betrothed to another. As Meryton judges him the grieving groom of Anne de Bourgh and a caddish dallier with the hearts of others, Darcy must ferret out the truth behind his cousin’s disappearance, protect his sister from the fretful fate of all Fitzwilliam females, and most importantly, win Elizabeth’s heart.

A Searing Acquaintance – 1,99$

Book Blurb: 

Elizabeth Bennet, saddled with a difficult family, dull dating prospects, and a mundane marketing job, had never met a man like Fitzwilliam Darcy, the wealthy and remote British-American heir to a family famous for both style and tragedy. The aspiring novelist finds herself intrigued yet aggravated by the enigmatic businessman who never imagined thinking about, let alone falling in love with a woman as conversant in Looney Tunes and Yogi Berra as in literature and Greek poets.
When they’re thrown together for a weekend in the country, they find themselves of like mind and lust. Confessions are made and secrets exchanged until misunderstandings and angry feelings overtake the intimacy they shared. Things only worsen when George Wickham stirs up an emotional tempest with tales of the Darcy family’s unhappy history and laces Elizabeth’s book project with traces of legal impropriety.
Marked by their painful pasts, their acquaintance sears them both with anger, yearning and confusion.
Can Elizabeth reconcile her distrust of unconditional love and lasting relationships with Darcy’s need for trust, forgiveness and enduring love? She expects to have expressions of love laughed away; he never anticipates receiving them.
This contemporary variation of Jane Austen’s classic Pride & Prejudice sweeps the couple through Darcy’s heartbreaking background and Elizabeth’s ongoing family complications as they duel over everything from college football to the Social Register.

I Hope this has been helpfull everyone!

Happy Reading!

Disclaimer: The Amazon links used in this post are affiliate links.


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  1. Sophia Rose

    Some great deals! Thanks, Rita!


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    Thank you, Rita. Many I already had but a few I was able to grab.


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    I have either read some of these or purchased them recently and have them on my pile. Not all but many. Thanks for the sales.


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    Thank you, Rita. I love it when you do these posts. I always find something new to try and often can get something that’s been on my wishlist.


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    Sincerity of Heart – FREE is listed at $1.99 here in USA.

    – J

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  8. Glynis

    Thanks Rita! I do have a number of these, if the rest most aren’t on offer here but maybe one day? Stay safe! I’m still only seeing half a comment box not sure if it’s my device or the page but others seem ok?


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