His Frozen Heart – Review

“What had been left of his heart was ripped from his chest. He could no longer look at her, nor speak. Bowing, he turned and walked away from the only woman he would ever love. His journey of a thousand steps was over.”


Christie Capps novellas have definitely become my go to stories when I need a quick Pride and Prejudice story to warm my heart. I don’t always have the time, or to be honest, the patience to read longer books, so novellas have become quite important in my reading habits and Christie Capps is a safe bet with clean and romantic stories that always make me smile.

His Frozen Heart has an additional appeal; it is a selected version of Pride and Prejudice’s best moments! When I really love a story (usually a tv show), I tend to re-watch it over and over again, but with time I only watch my favorite scenes and skip forward all other additional ones, His Frozen Heart did just this, and I loved it!

This novella is perfect for readers who have read hundreds of different variations, and who already know the story quite well, because it takes readers through the entire story but only focusing on the Elizabeth and Darcy important moments. All the Lydia and Wickham dull moments are mentioned but not developed, all the time apart is shortened to a page, Mr. Collins rambles are completely cut and all we read about is Darcy’s view of his interactions with Elizabeth, which is absolutely perfect and what I am looking for in this kind of book!

The dialogues are slightly different than the original and apart from one particular part where it felt a bit forced and out of context, the dialogues between these characters are interesting and witty. I loved how Elizabeth’s culture initially caught Darcy’s attention. It was done with such good taste that it kept me interested throughout the entire story! Adding swoon worthy lines and using beautiful metaphors  is something Christie Capps does frequently but I think the outcome in this novella was even better. I mean, just read this Darcy line, and tell me if you’re not swooning?!


“What I should have said, my Elizabeth, is you are the fire to my ice, the heat to my cold. Through you, because of you, I am attempting to become the man I am supposed to be, one I can have true pride in being.” He kissed her fingers one by one. “Before I came to Netherfield Park, the icy stone in my heart left me hurt and alone. I was adrift and unable to see comfort and kindness where it was offered. Then, I met you.”


As always you can read this novella in 2hours and it will certainly keep you entertained and smiling during the entire time, I recommend it to readers who want to revisit Pride and Prejudice’s best moments with additional romantic lines 🙂


“His heart, that frozen organ he had feared would never beat properly again, pulsed in a rapid rhythm that made it difficult to take in his next breath.”


You can find His Frozen Hear at:



and on Kindle Unlimited


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13 responses to “His Frozen Heart – Review

  1. Sophia Rose

    Once in a while, its comfy to get a book that hits the highlights and gives you the warm fuzzies. 🙂

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  2. Mary

    Whet a lovely review,Rita! Yes,it definitely sounds swoon worthy!!
    I’m glad you enjoyed it!!
    Cheers!! 😊

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  3. Mary

    Whet a lovely review,Rita! Yes,it definitely sounds swoon worthy!!
    I’m glad you enjoyed it!!
    Cheers!! 😊


  4. Glynis

    This is the only one of the Christie Capps books I haven’t yet read but it’s on my list so I will be reading it soon. I absolutely love that quote you mentioned Rita, definitely swoon worthy.
    My favourites are Lost and Found and For Pemberley but I love them all. Joy is such a talented writer. I imagine she might find it harder now though as she is moving near to her grandchildren. Although Jennifer manages to write so fingers crossed.
    Thank you for this lovely review.

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    • This is one of my favourites too, but I confess that Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day is still my all time favourite from Christie Capps. It was the first one I read and it is still the one that caused the biggest impact on me. This one is also very good, and I do think you’ll love it Glynis, it is the type of story and writting style you like 🙂 I recommend it for you 🙂


  5. Michelle H

    I loved this story, as I have all of her novellas. I have my favorites that I have reread a few times each, and will again. I also have high regard for the skill it takes to write a novella that has a complete story arc, developed characters, and unique story tropes each time…and in a 2 hr story. Really I’ve read Christie’s/Joy’s and when finished said to myself “that was a 2 hour story?” I enjoy her full novels immensely and look forward to the next one. But I hope she keeps writing these too. Glynis’s two favorites are mine too, but they are all great.

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    • I do hope she continues writting these novellas too Michelle. I like her full lenght books, but I confess the novellas are my favourites. And it is not easy to write them. As you mentioned it is hard to get the characters and story developped in such a short ammount of time, but Joy King has a talent for that 🙂 My favourite is still Mr. Darcy’s Bad Day, the dialogues on that one really got to me 🙂


  6. Thanks for such a lovely review, Rita. I’ve just received a copy of this and am so looking forward to it, as I didn’t get around to reading it online. I love Joy’s writing, whether it’s as it is here as Christie Capps or her full length works as J. Dawn King. Now she’s moving back to be near Jennifer and family, I’m kind of hoping they’ll spur each other on to write even more!

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  7. Thank you for the lovely review, Rita. I saw the cover and had to write the story.

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    • I’m glad you did Joy, and I do hope you continue writting these novellas! They are becoming my go to books when I need Darcy and Elizabeth moments but don’t have the time or the patience for full lenght books which will only give me some satisfaction after a few days. Please keep them coming 🙂


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