The Rogue’s Widow by Nicole Clarkston

The first chapter of The Rogue’s Widow is so interesting, different and gripping that I could not rest until I read more!

In a time when writing a regency JAFF story that is captivating yet not repetitive is a hard job, Nicole Clarkston must be praised for once more being able to develop a story where the characters are true to themselves, but the reader is still surprised with the upcoming events and dialogues.

In The Rogue’s Widow the main characters develop a strong and intimate relationship that will captivate readers. They will always be proper as this is a clean romance, but the characters develop a profound understanding of one another and a chemistry that is irresistible. Their dialogues will be witty and playful, and their intimacy will be visible even in a room full of people.

Darcy and Elizabeth’s dialogues and relationship was definitely one of the reasons I loved this book so much. Nicole Clarkston’s writing style is captivating and she created yet another unforgettable romance.

There are several refreshing changes in the secondary characters stories, but they will not take much page time, with most of the scenes being dedicated to either Darcy or Elizabeth.

Another aspect I loved about this book was the surprise effect that Nicole Clarkston achieved towards the end of the story. The reader may think he knows the truth about Bernard Wickham, but I doubt anyone will correctly guess it. It was the first time I ever saw this done in JAFF, and once more Nicole Clarkston must be congratulated by her courage and skillfulness.

The Rogue’s Widow is amongst my favourite reads this year and it is a wonderful romance I recommend to any readers. It is a very romantic story with low angst but with an innovative and captivating plot that will keep the reader turning the pages until he sees the words The End.

By the way, have you seen the cover? Isn’t it magnificent? I love the colours; Elizabeth’s expression and the cottage that made me feel I was inside the story once more.

You can find it at:

and on Kindle Unlimited


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18 responses to “The Rogue’s Widow by Nicole Clarkston

  1. sheilalmajczan

    I loved this story and highly recommend it to others. That first chapter captured my attention PRONTO! Who would have thought of such a premise?


  2. Glynis

    This is a wonderful story as usual from Nicole. I was a little wary at the title but certainly didn’t see the truth of it coming! Wickham is his usual devious self but does he get away with his scheming? I’ll leave you to guess, especially as this book will keep you guessing to the end.


  3. donjacobsoncarpediem

    I had the privilege of reading an early copy of the work. As always with my friend Nicole, she finds inventive ways to bring new life to the ODC story. Needless to say…I thoroughly agree with Rita’s rating of 5-stars.


  4. Beautiful cover and sounds like a lovely read. Thanks for highlighting it!


  5. Sophia Rose

    For some reason, I haven’t paid attention to the release of this one. I love that there are some good twists and wonderful scenes with Darcy and Lizzy.


  6. Wow, Rita, thank you for such a detailed review! It’s hard not to give spoilers. I’m so delighted that you enjoyed The Widow. She’s good company! Thank you to all the readers who have loved her. ❤


  7. Mary

    Hi Rita,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Nicole’s new book.
    I love the cover and your enthusiasm for and reaction
    to the story has a whole has left me eager to read it.
    Stay safe and happy reading.


  8. Laurie McClain

    Nice review, Rita! Very much looking forward to reading this one! Have kind of been waiting hoping the audio book will come out soon. Saving up a credit for that very purchase!


  9. Doris

    I absolutely agree!!!!!


  10. caroleincanada

    Wonderful review, Rita! It has such a unique plot! I loved it! Sublime!


  11. Sarah Courtney

    Lovely review! I downloaded it but haven’t started it yet, but now I’m really excited to give it a try! I love Nicole’s works.


  12. maomac

    Thanks for the review Rita. I just started reading my KU copy today. Looking forward to an enjoyable weekend.


  13. Joana Starnes

    What a wonderful review, Rita! LOL it’s so hard not to give spoilers, but you shared your love for Nicole’s great story so beautifully, and not a spoiler in sight! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and hope you’re feeling much better.


  14. Dung

    Great review! Love Nicole’s work! Can’t wait to read this one!


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