Pemberley by Laura Moretti – Review & Giveaway

Pemberley Laura Moretti5 stars

Pemberley by Laura Moretti takes the characters from Pride & Prejudice into a post-apocalyptic/dystopian scenario, which is a sub genre within the Jane Austen rehalm I’ve been looking forward for a long time.  

Post-apocalyptic and dystopia are two of my favorite genres, so when I heard Pemberley was getting released, I was extremely happy. To be honest, this is such a different take on Pride & Prejudice that I was somewhat afraid it would be a flop, but I was certainly not disappointed by it. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down because I was constantly mesmerized with how all the P&P elements were introduced into the post-apocalyptic society. One would not imagine that it would be possible to keep most of the plotlines like Charlotte and Mr. Collins relationship, Darcy’s proposal, Lydia’s elopement etc. in this type of setting, but Laura Moretti made it happen in an unpredictable manner, which is always refreshing in a genre that focuses mainly on the same story and events.

The writing style is very cinematographic which I thought was very fitting to the type of story and the book has the perfect length that allows readers to read it in one single day.

Apart from the symbiose between P&P elements and the post-apocalyptic reality, I loved the dystopian elements of the story, such as the differences between citizens and non-citizens, the Red, the Bennet’s daily struggles, such as the lack of money to buy food, and even the alien elements of the story.

I would personally love to have more of these stories in JAFF as this is clearly a favorite sub-genre for me, and if they would all be penned down as this one, it would be a sub-genre I would not get tired of reading anytime soon.

I loved many characters, but Richard Fitzwilliam and Catherine De Bourgh were some of my favorites. I loved the little twists that Laura Moretti added to their background and how they helped the story move forward and our dear couple to find their happiness together.

The author did a wonderful job creating this storyline and I only wish I knew more about how this post-apocalyptic world was created. Maybe in a future story? Who knows if a prequel is in the works…

There is an epilogue in this book that takes the sci-fi element even deeper, and the author does have a disclaimer advising readers they should be aware of that. I have read it, and in fact, it was the only part of the book I didn’t absolutely love, so I will do the same thing as the author and advise you to read it only if you really want more sci-fi elements in the story, if not, the ending is just perfect 😊

Pemberley is not for everyone’s tastes, and readers who are not used to post-apocalyptic stories may find it hard to digest, but if like me you like those types of stories, then this book is definitely a must read. I highly recommend it to readers who love dystopian societies and therefore are not afraid of some hardship throughout the story.

Congratulations and thank you for writing this book Laura! Now I need to ask for more!

You can find Pemberley at:

and on Kindle Unlimited

NEW giveaaway time

Laura Moretti would like to offer 3 ebook copies of Pemberley to readers commenting on this post. The giveaway is international and is open until the 21rst of January. To enter the giveaway all you need to do is comment on this post and let us know what you think about this sub genre 🙂


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31 responses to “Pemberley by Laura Moretti – Review & Giveaway

  1. Great review, Rita. I really enjoyed Laura’s last book too so will definitely check this one out. I love her writing style.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Robin G.

    Looks like a unique take on P&P. Thanks for the review, Rita!


  3. Pascale

    Oh!! I love the cover 😍 and now wish the review I just want to reas it!!


  4. mihaelahercaud

    I hesitated to read and I know I would have regretted had I not done so.
    Having read it – I cannot but agree with you, Rita! You have written my thoughts indeed!
    I have to insist on how cinematic I thought the story was and how Laura manages to get you hear and see and smell the atmosphere …
    I loved the characters! And felt for them… And Richard Fitzwilliam was an unexpected surprise!
    I also confess that while the author did warn about the epilogue, I took it more like a challenge. So I read the epilogue and wished I didn’t. The story is perfect as it is.

    Obviously I bought the book, so don’t count me for the giveaway. Have a great release 💜

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    • Wow! It feels we are in perfect agreement when it comes to this book Mihaela, inclusively regarding the epilogue. I had no doubt I would read this one as soon as it came out, and I don’t regret it. I hope the author tries this approach at least once more 😊


  5. evamedmonds

    I have to admit that I am not familiar with this genre (did love P&P and Zombies); however, I would love to read this and experience your excellent review. Thank you for the generous giveaway.


    • This one may seem very different if you are not into dystopian stories Eva, but there is always a first time for everything, and who knows this is the one that sells you the genre? Good Luck in the giveaway 🙂


  6. TC

    I have enjoyed many dystopian/post-apocalyptic stories, but it’s been a while since I read so much JAFF now. I definitely want to check this one out. Thanks for the review and the giveaway!


  7. Jan Ashton

    I love this story–love everything Laura writes. But Pemberley is really unique in its vision and how she writes it. Brilliant. I’m so glad you liked it, Rita!

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    • Pemberley is definitely unique and it made me really happy that Laura had the courage to release this book. I know it will not be for everyone’s taste, but it was really well built, and I wish Laura would write more stories like this one.I know that if she releases another one I will be one of the firsts to read it 🙂


  8. sheilalmajczan

    Would enjoy reading something with a different slant. Thanks for a chance to win a copy.


  9. I love this sub-genre and have never read a jaff in it so would love to read.


  10. Karen O

    It is great that someone has found a unique take on P&P. I would really love to read this. Congratulations, Laura.


  11. I’m glad you’ve reviewed this book, Rita, because I saw this and was interested in learning more. It’s definitely on my TBR list 🙂


    • I know this book will not be for everyone’s tastes, and that it may even alienate some readers who may consider it dark, but for readers who, like me, love post-apocalyptic stories, it cannot be missed. I think this was a tricky and difficult story to pen because mixing up regency characters with a dystopian society seems unlikely, but I think the author managed to pull it through brilliantly. I would only suggest skipping the epilogue, it is definitely not necessary, and the ending is perfect as it was. I am looking forward to read your opinion when you get to it Ceri 🙂


  12. I seem to recall having read at least one book by Laura before and remember it being a refreshing read and good writing
    I really like post-apocalyptic settings, so I think I will enjoy this quite a bit!
    Hope the book is huge success!


  13. Jen D

    Honestly, I don’t think I’ve read a dystopian book, not even The Hunger Games or The Handmaid’s Tale. I have seen movies on those lines, though. I think that is a truly unique take on the P&P storyline. Congrats to Laura for the release and to Rita for the review!


    • Oh…The Hunger Games is a great series Jen, I loved it! In fact, now thhat I think about it, I wouldn’t mind seeing P&P characters in the games! This is a good one and I think you would like it. Good luck in the giveaway!


  14. Lois

    I’m not sure how I feel about dystopian books these days – a bit too close to reality. But your review makes it enticint.


    • If you read this one you’ll see that it is very different then our reality Lois, even if at times it feels we are living in a dystopian world. But this one takes place in a shattered world after a war between human and aliens took place, so you’ll see it is quite different. Good Luck in the giveaway!


  15. buturot

    Slightly dreading the story when I first read the description…coz it happens.
    Thanks for the review. Now lookign forward to reading the story


  16. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this P&P dystopian novel, Rita. I personally have not read sci-fi/dystopian elements in Austenesque stories before but I’m willing to give it a try.


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