A Covenant of Marriage – Cover Reveal

Good Afternoon everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve done a cover reveal, and you know how much I love those, so I’m super excited to be sharing with all of you the cover of C.P. Odom’s new book: A Covenant of Marriage.

This book has a forced marriage scenario, which is one of my favourite premises, and I haven’t read one of those in a while, so I’m looking forward to see what Colin has prepared for us.

This book will be released around the 29th of October but you can start pre-ordering it today! If you want to know more about it, here is the book blurb.


A Covenant of Marriage—legally binding, even for an unwilling bride!

Defined as a formal, solemn, and binding agreement or compact, a covenant is commonly used with regard to relations among nations or as part of a contract. But it can also apply to a marriage as Elizabeth Bennet learns when her father binds her in marriage to a man she dislikes. Against her protests that she cannot be bound against her will, the lady is informed that she lives under her father’s roof and, consequently, is under his control; she is a mere pawn in the proceedings.

With such an inauspicious beginning, how can two people so joined ever make a life together.

A Covenant of Marriage is available for pre-order at Amazon.com.

What do you think? It sounds interesting doesn’t it? The cover is also very appealing, and just based on it I think I would be curious about the book! You know me, I do judge a book by its cover 🙂 But without further ado, here it is!



Isn’t it beautiful? I find it very classy and appealing and I have to congratulate Ellen Pickels for another wonderful cover!

I am partial to covers with silhouettes and quills in them and A Covenant of Marriage has both in it, which means it is perfect in my eyes. When I see covers like these I immediately want to buy the paperbacks.

I wonder if the letter that is present in the cover has any connection to the story, and what does it mean. When I see covers I always search for details that may give me more information about the book and usually those come in the back cover. In this case, I think we can certainly say that more details are brought to our attention, and I love the ambience that is created in the image on the back cover. I can perfectly imagine a scene of Mr. Darcy arranging settlement details with Mr. Bennet while Elizabeth stands outside waiting to know what was decided for her future. But maybe I’m reading too much into it, what do you think?

Overall I think the book cover is very well achieved, and it made me want to read the book even more 🙂 Let us know what you think of it, and don’t forget, the book will be out around the 29th and you can follow the blog tour from the 5th onwards.


By training, I’m a retired engineer, born in Texas, raised in Oklahoma, and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. Sandwiched in there was a stint in the Marines, and I’ve lived in Arizona since 1977, working first for Motorola and then General Dynamics.

I raised two sons with my first wife, Margaret, before her untimely death from cancer, and my second wife, Jeanine, and I adopted two girls from China. The older of my daughters recently graduated with an engineering degree and is working in Phoenix, and the younger girl is heading toward a nursing degree.

I’ve always been a voracious reader and collector of books, and my favorite genres are science fiction, historical fiction, histories, and, in recent years, reading (and later writing) Jane Austen romantic fiction. This late-developing interest was indirectly stimulated when I read my late wife’s beloved Jane Austen books after her passing. One thing led to another, and I now have four novels published: A Most Civil Proposal (2013), Consequences (2014), Pride, Prejudice, and Secrets (2015), and Perilous Siege (2019). Two of my books are now audiobooks, Most Civil Proposal and Pride, Prejudice, and Secrets.

I retired from engineering in 2011, but I still live in Arizona with my family, a pair of dogs (one of which is stubbornly untrainable), and a pair of rather strange cats. My hobbies are reading, woodworking, and watching college football and LPGA golf (the girls are much nicer than the guys, as well as being fiendishly good putters). Lately I’ve reverted back to my younger years and have taken up building plastic model aircraft and ships (when I can find the time).



Contact Info:

Colin Odom Facebook page

  1. P. Odom Amazon Author page
  2. P. Odom Goodreads page
  3. P. Odom Meryton Press page



The blog tour for A Covenant of Marriage will take off next month at A Covent Garden Gilfurt’s Guide to Life, don’t forget to follow it to see all the guest posts, excerpts and reviews that my fellow bloggers will publish:

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Thanks for stopping by and see you on the 7th of November 🙂


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35 responses to “A Covenant of Marriage – Cover Reveal

  1. Cover is very tasteful


    • Another good one from Ellen Pickels. She had it finished and sent to me for approval WAY before I expected it. I really like the back cover–it fits into the storyline quite well (not exactly, of course, but it catches spirit. Thanks for your compliment, Vesper.


    • Hi Christina! Good to see you here. For anyone who doesn’t know, Christina was instrumental in talking Meryton Press into publishing “Consequences,” which I had never imagined to be published. She also edited it! As an aside, Christina, it’s in preparation to be an audiobook sometime in the not-so-distant future.


  2. Glynis

    I’m with you Rita as regards Forced Marriage between Darcy and Elizabeth, the earlier in the book and the better!
    So, I’m definitely going to be reading this one! I’ve enjoyed his other books and I love the cover of this one! The font used for the title is brilliant as in my opinion it is reminiscent of an official document from that time! Love it!
    Thanks for sharing this Rita 😘


    • There’s probably a distinction between a Forced Marriage and an Arranged Marriage, and this book is kind of a melding between the two. And there is an actual Covenant, written out, in the book and presented to Mr. Bennet!


  3. Janet Taylor

    Thank you for the lovely cover reveal, Rita! We appreciate you for doing this during your busy schedule! As always, you did a great job.


  4. J. W. Garrett

    What a beautiful cover. I especially like the back. Congratulations on this new launch. It sounds interesting. I hope it does well for you. Blessings!!


  5. caroleincanada

    I’m with you on loving book covers, as I feel they draw you in to want to know more! This cover and the premise does just that! Those details on the back are just perfect for the premise. Yes, I do want to read this one!


    • Ah, another eager reader! Thanks, Carole! BTW, your name seems to indicate you hail from up north. I live in Arizona, and we get a lot of Canadians down here during the winter. We call them “snowbirds,” since they appear to be fleeing the ice and snow of Canadian winters. My Dad did the same thing for years, though Oklahoma isn’t as cold as it is further north. Arizona may be hot in the summer, but it’s a lot easier to shovel sunshine in the winter than to shovel and drive on that frozen stuff!


  6. Beautiful cover, front and back! I love CP Odom’s books and with a forced marriage scenario, this one promises to be another must have for me!


  7. Nice use of contrasting components on the front; the end result is lovely, dramatic, and interesting. I love the back too. Congratulations, Colin on your upcoming book release!


  8. Look forward to the blog tour.


  9. Carol

    Beautiful cover. Can’t wait to read what’s between those covers!


  10. Love the cover , front and back. Congratulations on the launch of this new book.


  11. pedmisson

    I like it. I am intrigued by the points made about the letter. What and how did Darcy convince Mr. Bennet to do this?

    Looking forward to reading this book. Congratulations on its release.


  12. Well, to paraphrase from the movie, “The Godfather,” Darcy made Mr. Bennet an offer he couldn’t refuse!


  13. Jan Hahn

    Lovely covers, both front and back. I may be a bit partial to the front because the outline of the man reminds me of a certain Darcy I love. 😉So great to know you have another new book coming out, Colin. Congratulations!


    • Thanks, Jan. I’m glad you liked it. Ellen had it done before I’d even given much thought to what the cover ought to look like. Though she did ask early on if I had done any 3D Art for the cover like I did for “Perilous Siege.” I was quick to tell her I was fresh out of 3D ideas for this newest book!


  14. suzanlauder

    This cover brings forth many questions, as it should. We love book covers that make us want to open the book. Congrats to Colin and Ellen, and thanks to Rita for hosting!


    • All congrats go to Ellen on this one! While I did the cover for my previous novel, Perilous Siege, Ellen came up with everything other than my single comment suggesting a document. She even came up with the quill and ink. Good job, Ellen!


  15. Mary

    Very unusual cover! Book sounds interesting!
    Best of luck with it.


  16. Gorgeous cover!! Love the title’s ‘official’ lettering, love the back cover & LOVE the premise! I’ve been a huge fan of Colin’s writing ever since the Most Civil Proposal, and oh my goodness, Consequences was just awesome!! Can’t wait to see how he develops the deliciously angsty premise of the Covenant…

    Congrats, Colin and Ellen! So looking forward to get my mitts on the paperback!!


  17. Thanks, Joana! From your comment about Consequences, it’s clear that you’re one of the sturdy readers who doesn’t shy away from a little angst! (But Covenant doesn’t have as much as Consequences!)


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  19. Buturot

    I agree with you, the cover says it all. Thank you for the execerpts. I just wonder at this time, how EB feels about FD. How soon will the marriage take place. Eager to read this book.


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